The association has drawn up rules and regulations for the competitive race as well as the non-competitive tour. The regulations to be found on this page are all subject to reservations and changes.

Competition regulations

Marathon speed skaters of the Top division in the Essent Cup and 60 marathon skaters of the 1st division with a valid KNSB licence are allowed to participate in the race.

It goes without saying that they should be a member of the Royal Association of The Frisian Eleven Cities.

In the women’s competition skaters are allowed to participate in the race if they are on the most recent list of the KNSB Marathon section, under the condition that they have participated in 75% of the races organised by the board of the national sections.

For the competition regulations click here.


Tour regulations

The tour regulations apply to the non-competitive skating tour. Next to the regulations on participation you can also find information about for instance the closing time of the checkpoints. The participants skate the tour completely at their own risk. Their sports gear must be in perfectly good condition and the skates should fit properly and be in excellent used condition.

For the tour regulations click here.

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